Must have Joomla Plugins to Create A Wonderful Website

Joomla is a world accepted open source content management system utilized by millions of people globally to build powerful websites. One of the remarkable advantages of Joomla website is that it can work brilliantly without the additional installation of smart plugins and extensions. But, some basic Joomla plugins do wonders for your website and make it more efficient & powerful.


List of Basic Joomla Plugins that can Make Your Site More Interactive and Business-oriented:

1. Akeeba backup: Every business owner wants to backup their website database regularly before any software updates. The Akeeba Backup plugin offers a quick one-click backup facility for your website. It will save your precious time as well as offers the fastest way to restore old backups, and transfer your website to a new server.

2. SH404SEF: The SEO oriented plugin that will manage website URLs effectively, organize site structure, monitor 404 errors, create metadata, manage page redirects and take care website duplicate content and handle duplicate link issues.

3. K2: This plugin is the world famous for creating any sort of blog for Joomla website. It offers a wide range of templates to display website content more intuitively and provide impressive author section along with extra large fields and related items.

4. Disqus comments: It enables users to comment quickly, easily and in a more interactive way, while connecting websites and users across the huge Disqus community. It will also increase the number of traffic to your Joomla website.

5. Favslider: It allows business owners to introduce responsive slideshow to the website and amazingly useful to promote your business products or services in a more professional way.

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