7 Myths About Software Development That Non-Techies have

It always be a first time for any non-technical business, when they go for software development. At the time of hiring any company for software development specifically for them, they have lots of understandings about the software development. Being a leading Software Development Company London, I have encountered with many clients, and obtain their various myths about software development. Considering all the factors, here are some points that explained from them:-


1. Software Development Is Really Easy

The image of the software on the screen are glamorized and looks like easy. But, when it comes to software development, it is really tough as it has no exception. On the computer, it seems software development is an action packed with lots of typing, exclaiming, etc., and make non-technical people believe that doing programming is like playing any game on the computer. But, it is not so. The developer need to think about all the different aspects, as well as about the future prospects of the software.

2. Number of Lines of Code Matter

Usually, people calculate the efficiency of the developer on the basis of the thousands of lines of code they have produced. But, the lines of code do not explain the amount of work or quality of the code, it is just an aspect of an code. Actually, writing a quality code, and understanding the code is difficult, for which the developers need to work hard.

3. Developers are Computer Experts

If a developer does good programming or coding, it doesn’t mean they can do any work related to the computer. Although, most of the developers understand a lot about computers, and how they work is totally depends upon their personal interest, and desire to learn about the computers. There is nothing to do with their ability to develop software. A developer is not a website designer, network engineer, app installer and security expert. May be they have knowledge about everything, but this is all is not required for developing good software.

4. Things That Sound Easy Must Be Easy To Code

Normally, the client’ think coding for a various feature is really easy and simple. Sometimes it is easy, but sometime it is really hard to code because the client did not have the clear picture of the feature they are looking for. So it is really difficult to make understand that how simple something sounds is not an accurate indicator to how long it will take to implement.

5. No Definite Time Is Fixed To Add on a New Feature

While software development, one of the worst questions that asked by developers is “How long will it take?”. Although, with their experience a developer can give you an estimated time, but they can’t give you an exact time for it. For doing proper coding for any feature, it takes time.


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