Top 7 Considerable Web Design Trends For 2016

One of the most important facts about designing, is that it is evolving with the time. Eventually, design is a dynamic process that changes the look of the web, according to its requirements. Moreover, due to its changing nature, it can be really difficult to balance with the latest design trends that comes at regular intervals.

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The design trends are completely focused on providing an excellent user experience. To enhance user experience, the designers create web design that’s responsive, simple to use and easily accessible. Consider the industry requirements, the upcoming designing trends is aimed to provide systematize and perfect user experience. Here are the top most designing trends that rule the market in this year.

1. Attractive Images: Eye-catching image is one of the best methods to gain users’ attention. By adding an HD image with an effective call to action can enhance conversions. Moreover, for a better user experience with images, the image should load fast, without any break.

2. Material Design: For the admirable flat design, the Google’s material design style language is available in the market. Through this style language, the designer can provide their material design more depth to make it flat design, by integrating light and shadows, and featuring responsive animations and grid-based layouts.

3. Typography: For better impact and more impressive, the typefaces are empowered by the streamlined and minimal designs. Additionally, the Artistic and Calligraphic fonts are highly used as they provide the personal and a real feel.

4. Background Videos And Animations: By applying videos and animation in the background, the designer can add an interesting dimension to their page, or easily attract the user. If it is executed perfectly, surely this trend will be popular a page’s content. The designer needs to work on the frame, until the videos and content get connected and perform seamless.

5. Hover Animations: Hover animation is used to enhance the size of the content or image to the provide the user with instant feedback. This makes the user’s browsing experience simple and uninterrupted.

6. Motion Animations: The human eyes get easily attracted towards the moving images. So, the designers should use motion animations, to get attention of the viewers, as it adds interest and enhance user engagement.

7. Duotone Color Schemes: Duotone color palettes create by adding two complementary color washes together. It is quite popular because it provides a strong visual impact on the users’ mind.

With the change in time, the technology has changed, so the design trends need to be changed. In the latest trends, the key factor is to keep the user and their experience on the top priority while designing a web. If you want to have a website based on the latest trends, you can take web design services London for it. The web designing service providers are well updated with the latest trends and create designs according to it only.


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