5 Main Reasons of Increased Bounce Rates & Tips To Fix Them

If your website is facing high bounce rates in website analytics, then it’s high time to get aware about the reasons and fix them. If you don’t fix them, it can be risky for your business growth. Before moving ahead, first know about what is bounce rate?

Bounce Rate & Web Development

Bounce Rate: According to Google Analytics definition, the percentage of the users who visit to the website, but leave it within a second, without visiting any other page of a website, means users are coming to the website, but not spend their time on the website, this process is called as Bounce Rate.

When it comes to an SEO strategy, high bounce rate has bad effect on the website growth. According to the webmasters, 26% to 80% is the average bounce rate. So, if a website has equivalent or more than 90% bounce rate, then it’s a very bad news for the website, and if it remains within 30% to 70% it’s good.

Main Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate

There may be various reasons for the higher bounce rate. Here are the main reasons for high bounce rate with the best solutions for it.

1. Bad Navigation

A website, without proper navigate, with complex and inconsistent navigation, effect the direct users, and make them confused. Also, if the website is not providing clearly mentioned visual elements, the user will get confused that where they are, and what they are supposed to the next.

How to fix it: The website should have logical, simple and easy to understand navigation, as well as use grouping navigation elements in the central part. Also, if the website has a large number of pages & products/services, it should be designed in HTML sitemap.

2. Too Many Ads

Usually, to earn money, the websites add on many ads, which provide a bad result as high bounce rate. It doesn’t mean that “Not use Ads”, it’s just like add some ads through Google Ads and Google Adsense. According to the webmaster rule:

a) Ads should not be the very first thing that visitor see on the website.

b) Avoid ads that focus on more real estate than your content.

How to fix it: Running ads on the website can be a perfectly authentic way to monetize.

3. Bad Content Structure

If the website has bad content structure, surely it will have a low conversion rate, and low return of users. So, it is essential that the website content structure should be user friendly, and according to the SEO guideline.

How to fix it: Simply add on group similar content in a clear and concise manner, so the visitors do not search around. Also, you can use HTML tags, such as Bold Tags or Heading tags in the content, to highlight the certain keywords that visitors may be looking for.

4. Obtrusive Use of Audio & Video

When it comes to generating a big traffic, then most of the website owners prefer adding audio & video to their website. But it is beneficial only when if they used in a proper way. Some of the time, unwanted Audio & Video are played without user permission, which provide a bad experience for new users, and enhance bounce rate.

How to fix it: To fix it the best way to give users an option of viewing videos/audios or not. The Content did not force them to play or listen.

5. Boring Content, Boring Design

A website that has lack of interactivity, purposeless and bad design, will never be trusted by the user, as well as user didn’t like to visit again on the website.

How to fix it: A website should be developed as an responsive web design, and should continuously updates including unique informative content.


If your website has been facing the bounce rate problems, then consider these main reasons and try to fix them. If you are not able to do it by yourself, then hire any of the service providers who are best in website development in London. Even, if you are planning to get a new business website, that do not have any bounce rate issues, then select and hire the best company that can offer significant website development services to you.


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