3 Reasons – Why People Leave Your Website?

The task a professional web development company London undertakes is not an easy job. It works with the team of experts that comes up with a few ideas after brainstorming over a long period of time. Then the customer checks out whether it is interesting and whether it syncs with their business closely. Once the development is approved, Wireframes and Moodboards are created to represent the final outcome of a website.

website development

The online promotion activities take place as soon as your website development project is completed. But what, if visitors don’t find your website interesting? If your website could generate no sales or query? If visitors are not staying for even a few seconds? It would definitely be depressing.

Let’s go through a few reasons that are most likely responsible to ward off visitors from your website.

Obtrusive registration requirements: If you are using a gated content than it is a fantastic idea for driving leads into your sales funnel. Gated contents are good till the complex registration requirements don’t take a bad turn that makes people yawn with an unsuitable lengthy process coming up in their mind. Therefore cut off the crap and put in only those needful fields. This can give you a sudden flow of visitors into your sales funnel with simple tweaks.

Not having an exit intent technology program: This program can help you check out the bounce rate of your website. It can also check out the number of visitors hitting the back button are leaving your website. Don’t worry, exit intent technology can help you grab your viewer’s attention. The tool is to identify and track your visitor’s mouse movements. So, before they click the back button, you can present them some offer or message that can make them ditch the back button and move ahead.

Slower loading speed: Slower loading and downloading speed is the biggest hassle on any website. In today’s fast pace world, people don’t have enough time to wait for a long time to load a page and get required information. This makes them leave your website and move to any other site that has the speedy loading system.

A website allows the viewers and buyers to find a product or service on the web world. Today, people prefer to make most of their transactions online. Either it is shopping, or money transfer or any other commercial activities. Your website helps you to flourish your business and your prospective clients, to fetch suitable choices. It is essential to have a responsive website that can provide them a clear information. Therefore, contact a Professional website development company London to create a responsive website and get the best web related services.


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