Why Good Navigation is Essential For The Mobile Web

With the number of mobile users increasing day-by-day, the designers and developers are focusing more on amazing online experience for mobile users. The trend of increase in the mobile website and app users has expanded the scope of mobile marketing on a wide scale. For every single activity like shopping, selling, reading, surfing, communication, playing, etc., the people prefer to do on their mobile only.

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But, if the users are not satisfied with your website, they will avoid using it, and switch to your competitor’s platform. So, it is really essential to have an impactful method which ensures a high-quality user experience to your users. This you can do by focusing on the mobile navigation menu. When users enjoy seamless navigation and easily search what they want, they prefer using your site. This inturn increases the number of visitors to your site, and hence more conversions.

The perfect mobile navigation comes down when you decide what to include in the menu, and what to not. For facilitating the ultimate experience, you need many elements. As the screen space is limited, so should be choosy with what you include in the menu.


By adding a search feature with the familiar affordance, helps directly the mobile users to find what they’re looking for. Usually, the user start looking for the options, such as product page, contact page, etc., as soon as they visit on your website. So, you should add search option on your website for their convenience, which make the things easily accessible.


Another important menu option is a home icon. The home icon performs as a affordance, and all the user knows what to do with it, and expect that when they click on home icon they will get back to the home page menu. It is really important as it provides the direct overview of the site content to the users.

Share Icon

Another important part of the mobile navigation menu is the Share icon. It helps users as social sharing instrumental and social proof, and convince people that the site is very popular, and gain more visitors to the site. So the navigation menu should have an attractive share icon, which help you to enjoy the advantage of the social-sharing power.

Appropriate Categories

Just make sure that your website menu has appropriate categories, which provides easy and direct access to different categories, to the users.

Still confuse what to add and what to not, on your mobile website? You can hire the best web designing service provider for designing your website. Just compare and select the best Web Design Services London, and they will help you to get the best website for your business.


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