How Web Application Development Will Play Significant Role For Business In 2016?

Over the last few years, the web application development has grown speedily, and bring some remarkable and exciting changes. The evolution of web application development is playing more significant role in the business world. The business economy transformed due to the web application development, such as innovativet strategies, emerging tools, and libraries. In this article, we will discuss the modernization, where development is preceded, and how the change has influenced today’s business.

Web Development Companies UK

1. Tech Device Diversity

The exceptional growth of smartphones and tablets in the developing markets, the new launches of mobile OS versions, utility apps, etc., Google is using mobile companionability as a ranking signal in Google Search results, so the users get relevant and high-quality search results for their devices. These upcoming device trends are constraining developers to transform their development approach.

2. Big Focus on Security Loopholes

As the web app functionality has improved on a wide scale, over the last few years, the security is lagging behind, which causes security infringements. But now, the web development companies and developers are very much focusing on security from a web application perspective. Developers are researching and understanding the hacker’s strategy for hacking the websites and applications. To get secure from hacking, the developers are keeping servers and software patched and up-to-date.

3. Usage of New Tools

As the updated version is in the market, we can see that the new libraries, frameworks, and tools are topping the wishlist of the developers, as they are helping in improving the productivity, and filling the skills gaps. As the web app development has become more complicated, has increased the importance of tools. Latest tools are supporting developers to automate a wide number of manual works.

4. User Experience Challenge

As the mobile apps are becoming quite popular among consumers, the users prefer having uncomplicated and affective mobile app interfaces for them. The user perfers simple mobile apps for them, so the developers have to craft simple interfaces, else they have to face major issues with the user acceptance. It becomes a big challenge for the developers, to deliver a simple and valuable web applications that can meet users’ high expectations.

5. APIs

Currently, the businesses are selecting SaaS options, which earlier they prefer running all of their software in-house. Now, the businesses are using the services for CRM and collaboration, as well as can create their own reporting applications. So, it’s become a challenge for the developers to build applications that can easily communicate and integrate with the other applications. This is the major reason by which the fast development in application programming interfaces (APIs) takes place.


Web application development has saw a major change over the last few years. As the transform of web development processes, the development companies have also upgraded their technology implementation in the web development projects. If you are looking for the best development company for your project, then you can connect with any of the web development companies UK, as they will convert your website dream into profitable reality.


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