5 SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid At All Costs

A successful SEO campaign can bring a big change to your business website, as it can change every negative aspect into positive ones. It can get you ranked faster, with the help of inbound links, new content page, and latest technology tools. Also, the Google is consistently changing its algorithm to provide the finest results to the users, as well as shuffling the rankings of websites for better searches.

5 SEO Mistakes

But in the market, there are various SEO practices that cannot be easily performed, as they are typically more outrageous. If you engage in those practices, it will cause you severe manual or algorithmic penalties, as well as reduces your online visibility in the organic search results. Here are the 5 common mistakes that you should avoid at any costs:

1. Manipulative Link Schemes

A link scheme can bring out an algorithmic or manual penalty, which can break your organic search visibility. Link scheme is a number of different methods, which can manipulate search rankings purposely to artificially boost the rankings for those that are used by building links unnaturally. It excludes link exchanges, using exact-match keyword anchor text in your links, link wheels, building links using automated software, buying links, and building links from link farms and other methods. To identify and understanding the link schemes, the Google has its own dedicated FAQ page. So just be attentive that anything used to “trick”, that’s probably fail by the Google.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Keywords plays an essential part of the SEO strategy. A content with proper keywords support your website to get good ranking in the search engine. But with the quality content, it is also important the keyword. Don’t try to add keywords unnecessarily into your content, is just a method to rank higher. Because Google’s algorithm uses semantic search, instead of keyword-based identity methods. Excess by adding keyword on your site, can result in decreasing the rankings, due to Google’s Panda algorithm.

3. Publishing Crappy Content

A quality content is really matters for better ranking of the website. If you publish bad or insensible content on your website, then definitely will be destroyed your website’s credibility, not just in search engines, but also in front of the visitors. Content that is short, insensible, general, vague, non-descriptive, unhelpful, poorly researched, or flat-out inaccurate can damage your website image. So it is important that you take best SEO company London services for High-Quality Content, which helps you to boost your website reputation.

4. Being Unnatural

Variety is an essential for a successful SEO campaign. For example, the inbound links focused on your site should be varied (from various types of content, various sources, and pointing to various destination pages), or it will become friendly to the search engine algorithms that you’re using to manipulate your rankings.

5. Migrating Irresponsibly

Migrating and Redesigning the website is quite exciting, but you can’t ignore the SEO requirements, for successful migration. While migrating, you have to update your sitemap, add 301 to redirect in place for old pages, as well as update all meta data. Neglecting this transforming process may result in damaging the value of your existing inbound links, which are indexation of your site.


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