The top 10 Common Myths in Software Development

There are many myths and superstitions in software development industry. If you ask for the most efficient and powerful method to perform a successful software development activity, then surely you’ll get more solutions. Many times software developer’s opinions are proven wrong, or they are more widespread than others.


To find out the most common myths amongst developers, the topic is discussed with the top Software Developers London. Here is the list of some most common myths which are usually faced by the software developers:

1. While practicing on the same framework for a longer period of time, you are facing some problems, then it’s always better to use another language, technology or process, that will prove as the silver bullet. Usually, work on the same framework is not a good idea. Frequently, you should try to change your strategy, at least once in a week.

2. One who is the best student of mathematics, will be the best software developer. They have learned the programming language in their spare time, though theyre enthusiastically engaged in the theoretical mathematics. The champions of logical puzzles produce the best code.

3. Basically, JavaScript is related to Java, as they are interrelated languages.

4. In software development, the waterfall method is the perfect method. Under this method, a project can easily estimate, accurately planned and effectively executed. The individual steps of the project lay in the way of success.

5. In the software development industry, it’s all about what you see at first glimpse, express, and attract more clients. It means that the design of software plays an important role in the development process.

6. Once the application or website work is completed and released, then the developer part is over. The developers have no need to deal with any issues.

7. As much as developers are working in a team, the work will be done more efficient. The project can be divided into various steps which can even completed by the non-professionals.

8. Design is not very important, it’s just a surface distraction. There are many other important parts which paying attention, is really worth it.

9. Software development works result more positively when there are more than one path to your planned destination. Developers should get complete freedom to work, and they should allow to do what they want to.

10. A customer is always right, they know very well what they want to project. They can clearly describe their desired requirement, which everyone can understand.


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